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Think carefully before you call yourself a farmer

We like to think of ourselves as metaphorical farmers. We did some research about ‘farming’, we found a piece of land and we started with a small amount of stray livestock around 3 years ago. We carefully fed them and made sure they were comfortable and happy and gradually our holding increased mainly due to new arrivals attracted by how happy the others were.

We now have a good size small-holding with a healthy turnover, some ready to try new pastures and new stock coming in all the time. We’ve become more experienced at farming and even been and done a little work on other farms but only when we were invited. These days we do even more research and preparation to make sure that our stock are well tended and well fed. We don’t fence them in and they’re free to graze wherever they want and come and go when they please. There’s all kinds on this farm and we never see them as any better or worse than one another – just different.

We don’t think there’s anything wrong with calling yourself a farmer as long as you have your own farm and have found and raised your own livestock. There’s also nothing wrong with calling yourself a farmer if you’re tending another farmer’s livestock because: he asked you to, you know what you’re doing and you’re good at what you do.

Just  understand that if you don’t have your own farm and your own livestock and you’re not good at what you do and you’re trying take someone’s stock, you’re just a rustler. Being a rustler not only upsets the other farmers, it upsets the stock as well.

You really do not want to be a rustler  . . .


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