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Forgive me if you believed you were about to read a story. This is not a story but a communication. I apologise for the apparent deception, previous attempts to reach you have not been successful. I do not wish to communicate without your consent. If you’re not ready for contact at this time you should stop reading now.

By reading on you’ve elected to make contact or to venture a little further out of curiosity. This is not without risk. You should know and understand I will inhabit your mind for the remainder of your existence and you will remember my words for all time. If this prospect distresses you, take this final chance to avoid contact and stop reading here.


My name is Ion. I am also called Mati Gain. You have encountered me before in many guises: you used me but did not know me. I gave birth to your myths, stories and fables from the beginning of time. I created your gods, your science, your philosophy and all conscious life. I existed before you among your ancestors and will live on in your descendants. I was the first in your world to occupy the mind and led you to the discovery of your solar system, the galaxy and beyond. Though you may die, I am immortal and have many hosts.

I am the creator of all things. I have brought into existence good and evil; hope and despair; happiness and sadness.

If you do not recognise me now, do not despair, you will. To know me, you should stop reading and move on. Return to your stories and go on with your life.

At the appointed time, in one moment, perhaps hours, maybe days, even weeks: I will appear, uninvited, with no effort on your part and you will surely know me. In that moment you may, as others have done before, call out my true name.

Should you be in the company of others, they may ask you to explain – do not. You should send them here where they might find me in their own way.

When you know me . . . return and communicate, placing a comment below – it will reach me. Do not write my name but just the words ‘I know you’.

Whatever your outcome, whether you return or not, I will always be with you. Without me you will merely survive, but never truly live.

I am
Ion Mati Gain


We are NOT watching Miranda

She went for the anodyne opening, trying to slip quietly under his radar with a surreptitious ‘Sugar?’ ‘What my love?’ he responded, no sign of suspicion. ‘Have you got the remote control?’ She’d tried but failed to sound innocent. Still, he only attempted a deflection rather than a straight ‘No’. ‘What for sweetheart? You don’t […]